WordPress Plugin Generator

Plugin Machine The WordPress Plugin Generator Is Not Available At This Time

I am in the process of pivoting Plugin Machine to educational content and open source.

Learn WordPress Development

Refactoring WordPress Plugins

Part 1: PHP

 For experienced WordPress developers who are looking to improve the PHP in their plugins, use new modern best practices and adopt test-driven development.

Plugin Templates

If you would like to create a WordPress plugin, I created these two templates for my own use, while working on version two of Plugin Machine.

  • Core-style plugin – A plugin template based on how simple featured plugins are created.
  • Modern plugin – The template I use. Has React-powered blocks and an admin page. Has PHP and JavaScript tests and Docker-based local development.

Are You Looking To Hire A WordPress Developer?

Need A Developer For A WordPress Project

If you need someone to help you develop the plugins you create with Plugin Machine, or need other WordPress development help, I recommend using Codeable to connect with a qualified developer. They vet experts and offer a money-back guarantee.

Need Help Maintaining A WordPress Site

If you need help to maintain an existing WordPress site, I recommend WPBuffs. they are experts in maintaining WordPress sites, and can help with backups, updates, and small fixes. I’ve used them in the past, tell them Josh says hi.