• The inside of a giant willow tree from below

    Using WordPress env For Docker-Based Local Development

    I have been using Docker Compose for local development for years now. While I am comfortable writing or debugging a docker-compose.yml file, if I can avoid doing so, I will. Luckily, the WordPress open-source platform has a zero-config tool for Docker-based local development that is built on top of Docker Compose. If you run this…

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  • A big field in a park, in the fall, with lots of blue sky.

    New From Plugin Machine: Josh As A Service

    New product offerings from Plugin Machine. Get help building a WordPress plugin or improving your existing WordPress site.

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  • The sun rising above a tree with no leaves

    What To Test First

    When I talk about writing automated tests for WordPress plugins with other developers, I often hear that they’re not sure what to test first. I find the uncertainty around what to test first is a major blocker for writing tests. This post will address this concern. The other two big concerns I hear about are…

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  • Yellow leaves in green grass

    Using Laravel’s Container In A WordPress Plugin

    A common pattern in WordPress development is to have one “Plugin” class, that implements the singleton pattern, and has an instance of each class the plugin uses sets in properties. The first time the singleton is called, all of the classes are loaded and the important hooks are set. That’s a lot of responsibilities. Modern…

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