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Get help from Josh Pollock an experienced PHP and JavaScript developer who got started with WordPress.

Are you struggling with planning a major project? Are you looking for direction on how to tackle a problem? Do you need security and performance reviews for WordPress plugins or sites?

I am a WordPress core contributor, who has worked on several plugins that were used across hundreds of thousands of sites, sometimes more than a million and have worked as a tech lead for both startups and enterprise sites. Let me help, I enjoy it.

Two Hour Zoom Call

Advice on how to tackle a problem or how to structure a project. Troubleshooting a problem.

Plugin Review

Review your code or WordPress product launch plan with an experienced WordPress developer.

How I Can Help

  • Help planning a new WordPress, React or Laravel project or a major refactor
  • Develop a strategy for automated testing for a WordPress plugin or site
  • Security and performance reviews for WordPress
  • Teach you or your developers automated testing, via zoom calls
  • Code reviews
  • Setting up CI/CD for WordPress, React or Laravel.

About Me


2 Hour Zoom Call

Plugin Or Site Review