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Plugin Machine Update: Early Access!

If you’ve signed up for the early access email list, check your email, there is a special invite for you there. If you’re not on the list yet, sign up using the form at the bottom of this post, and you will get an invite soon.

When its fully ready, Plugin Machine will help you create, add features, test and deliver WordPress plugins. It’s still under development, but I know it’s helping me with plugins I’m working on for my clients, and its time to let more people try it out.

Right now you can use it to generate the start point for plugins and to add features. Right now it supports blocks, custom post types, local development, block sidebars, admin pages with and without React, core hooks, plugin hooks, remote updaters, as well as PHP and JavaScript tests and other tooling.

Here is a video of how I use Plugin Machine to make WordPress plugins.

What’s Else

Since the last update post, I gave a talk for the WordPress Pittsburgh Meetup group about the tools for modern WordPress Plugin.

I’ve also written some threads about WordPress development on the Plugin Machine Twitter account:

What’s Next

I’ve also been working on the Plugin Machine CLI, that will make it easier to work with existing plugins. It will also be part of how plugin delivery works.

If you’d like to try out this machine, join the early access list.

New eBook

Refactoring WordPress Plugins

The PHP Parts

 For experienced WordPress developers who are looking to improve the PHP in their plugins, use new modern best practices and adopt test-driven development.