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    Using LangChain With NextJS 13

    The latest version of NextJS, has a new way of handling routing — using the app directory and React Server Components. I’m still learning how it works, and last week they added support for Vercel, Cloudflare, and other runtimes. So I wanted to see how it works and figured I’d play with both at once.…

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    Coding x GPT: Do We Even Need To Chat With Machines?

    Like a lot of folks, I am super interested in AI, but also plenty fearful. Part of it is worrying about my future employment, and part of it is wondering how much longer all this code I learned about is going to matter. I’m a super nerd for this stuff. Before we got all obsessed…

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    Using The useEffect React Hook In WordPress

    This post explains how to use the useEffect hook in WordPress.

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    Creating Reusable React Hooks For The WordPress Block Editor or Whatever

    The new React documentation site is live and looks great. This section on creating custom hooks to encapsulate logic that needs to be used in multiple places in a React application is quite good. This is an important strategy to learn, and can help a lot when developing multiple blocks for a WordPress site. In…

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