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Building A WordPress Block Plugin To Show A Custom Field

Last night, I was looking at my phone a lot later than I should have been. I should have been stretching, but instead I was on twitter, saw this tweet, asking if there is a way to show a custom field in WordPress’ block editor:

Before I shut my phone off, I replied:

And yes, you can do that with ACF, but I figured I could build a plugin to do this in less than an hour and since I was up early today, I figured I’d try to build it this morning, while having my second cup of tea.

Here is part one of the video where I created a block that lets you set which meta field you want to display. I also added the ability to set the fields value. That needs a little more work.

In part two of the video, I solved those problems, using two WordPress hooks:

You can take a look at the pull request I made while working on part 2 or watch the video:

What This Plugin Does

  • Adds new block called “metablock” to block editor
  • Block lets you select the name of the meta field to show.
  • It also lets you save the field’s value.
    • This is not working yet. I will fix the issue in the second part of the video.
  • It uses a server-side render callback to get the current value of the meta field.

Helpful Links

Get The Plugin Or Make Your Own

If you want to download or fork the plugin, please use these links:

If you want to build your own, sign up for a 14 day free trial of Plugin Machine to get started.

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