Creating a consistent zip file for your plugins is important. Not all of the files that are in a WordPress plugin should be included, but if you miss others your users will have big problems. If you’re using npm or composer for automated dependency management, that makes things more complex.

Plugin Machine automates the process of creating optimized zip files for manual QA and for release. You can even use the remote update API to deliver updates to your clients and customers.

Building Installable Zip Files

You can use the Plugin Machine CLI to run your plugin’s build steps and create a ZIP file. The build process runs with Docker, so you don’t have to worry about PHP or Node version mismatches.

Use Plugin Machine For QA

Don’t rely on developers to provide zip files for manual QA or sending beta versions to customers.

Use Plugin Machine to attach ready to test ZIP files to plugins

Use Plugin Machine For Plugin Updates

Remote Updates

Using the Plugin Machine plugin API, you can update plugins on your client sites.


Release your plugin to, using svn.

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