Plugin Machine CLI

The Plugin Machine CLI lets you add features to existing plugins from the command line in your IDE. You can also use it to create release-ready ZIP files from your plugins.

The CLI is under development and is not yet stable.


Requires PHP 7.2 or later and Composer 2.

You can install the CLI using composer, via packagist.

composer global require imaginary-machines/plugin-machine-php-cli:dev-main -W

Test Things Worked

Check that the version command works:

plugin-machine version

You should see the current version of the CLI. Next, confirm the CLI can write a file

plugin-machine file:put

You should see a file in the current directory called “test.txt” if it worked.



To login, you will need an API token. This can be found in the “Settings” page of the Plugin Machine dashboard. Go here when logged in. Copy that and use it in place of <token>

plugin-machine login <token>

The “pluginMachine.json” file contains important information for the CLI and for the plugin builder, and webpack. To update that file, based on the latest settings:

plugin-machine plugin:config <pluginId>

Add A Feature

To add a feature to your plugin:

plugin-machine add

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The Plugin Machine CLI is open-source. It is built using Laravel Zero.